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Out of the Doghouse Services



 Exciting News!!!


OUT of the DOGHOUSE NOW offers afternoon group outings for your dogs Five days a week! The group dogs will travel with Logan, trainer and owner, to one of the many enclosed, off-leash dog parks in San Francisco.

Your dog deserves companionship, exercise,

mental stimulation and fresh air.


Call or email now for details!

Phone: 415-820-9600

Cell: 510-292-6933

Email: logan@outofthedoghouse.info

Hurry, space is limited!!!


NEW!!!Afternoon Group Outings:

     Every day Monday through Friday a group of dogs will travel with Logan, trainer and owner, for an afternoon of fun! The destination is the new enclosed off leash dog park in the Castro. This park is equipped with a double-gated entry system and provides a clean and safe environment for your dog. For added convenience, Logan will pick up and drop off your dog at your home or business.Give your dog the exercise, mental stimulation, fresh air and fun your companion deserves!


Free Telephone Interview:


     This twenty minute conversation provides you the opportunity to learn more about Out of the Doghouse. Well briefly review your specific needs and whether our services are a good match for you and your dog.

Initial Consultation:

     During the initial consultation you will meet with the trainer for an extensive review of you dogs history and current situation and your concerns and goals. You will answer a lot of question so that the trainer can decide the best training approach and then design a customized training plan to meet you and your dogs specific needs. The trainer will also take the time to answer your questions and help you to better understand your dog and your dogs behavior.


     Out of the Doghouse offers a customized training approach using a variety of techniques and methods tailored to meet your needs and goals. Working directly with you and your dog, Logan uses a personalized, personable and easy-to-implement training that will help your dog improve and help you to learn to work with your dog better. You will learn the training techniques so you can continue to manage your dogs behavior for the long term, even after you have completed your training sessions with Out of the Doghouse. At Out of the Doghouse we can address basic to advanced obedience and specific problem areas. Some examples of behaviors issues may include on-leash aggression, separation anxiety, dog-on-dog aggression, manners, not coming when called and not playing well with other dogs. Out of the Doghouse specializes in dogs that do not pass screenings and miss out on walking services or daycare due to behavior issues. Generally each training session is one hour, but  Out of the Doghouse also offers 30 minute training sessions for clients with limited time. Give us a call and we will get your dog out of the house and Out of the Doghouse! (The initial consultation is generally required prior to starting your dog in training or training walks.)

Training walks:


     This consists of either a 60 minute or 30 minute on-leash training walk and would focus on any number of specific behavior issues the owner may be experiencing with their dog. The main difference between a "Training Session" and a "Training Walk" is that the owner is not present during the training walk and both the 60 minute and 30 minute rate is considerably less. The owner is informed of their dogs progress on a regular basis. (Whether an Initial Consultation is required is decided on a case by case basis)   

Individual and small group walks:

          These one hour long walks are designed for dogs that may not do well at off leash parks or may need to be walked alone or with a small group of dogs due to behavior issues. Usually on leash walks will take place close to your home and in your neighborhood, but a trip to a park for a walk can also be arranged.   


Pet sitting:


     When available.


Logan Ramras, Owner

Certified Dog Trainer and Counselor

Phone: 415-820-9600

Cell: 510-292-6933

Located in San Francisco

Email: logan@outofthedoghouse.info

Web: www.outofthedoghouse.info



























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